About Site

About Site 


In this portal, information on historical and current drought is presented
to inform current condition, provide early warning on drought risks, to
aid resource management, climate adaptation, and disaster mitigation.
Drought is a hydro-meteorological hazards. Thus we also present
climate monitoring and predictions through a weekly bulletin.


The information is targeted at a range of users from middle school to
tertiary levels, communities that face water scarcity, farmer groups an
extension agricultural extension workers, private estate owners, public
health officials, water supply, and Irrigation managers.


Our objectives are to provide:

  • Updated information on drought and heat stress at fine scales
  • Historical information on drought indices and drought events of the past
  • A gateway for learning resources from middle to tertiary schools
  • Support for decision-making at community, water, water supply, disasters, natural resources and agriculture resource, and public health management at selected locales.
  • Information on the role of climate, its variability and change on drought


The information provided is based on science-based peer-reviewed

projects undertaken over the last two decades and supported by peer-
reviewed publications.